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Basic Offensive Strategies for Boys Lacrosse

1.   Pure Hustle!  Never be standing still.  If you are standing still, you are doing something wrong!
2.   Make your defensemen play you and you alone during every second that you are in the game.  If you are moving, then his/her attention will be on you, and not on your teammates or his responsibility to play team defense.
3.   In passing the ball, make all passes sharp, short, to the outside and away from the defensemen.
4.   Make your feeding passes crisp and head high.
5.  Give the person who is passing to you something to aim for (like a catcher in baseball!)
6.   When you have the ball, NEVER stand still!!  Keep moving and running at all times.  When you are ready to make a pass, make a hard move to the net and then cut back out for separation.  This will give you space to make the pass.
7.  All passes should be made directly overhand.  These are the easiest to catch and the ball will not have any sidespin on it.
8.  Take pains to make every pass good.
9.  Catch every pass while moving toward the ball.  Circle away from the defender once you have received the ball.
10.  Never make a pass to a man who is covered just to get rid of the ball. 
11.  Always expect the pass is coming to you, always be ready for a pass.
12.  If someone is in trouble, the two people nearest to the play should bust hard to the play “hear is your help!”
13.  On all shots from up top, a man should be in the crease to screen unless he has move to open space to receive a pass.
14.  After receiving a pass the first look is to the person who gave you that pass to see if he/she has made a move to the net.  The second look is to the crease to see if there is an open pass there.
15.  After picking up a loose ball, get the ball to “X” as quick as possible so that the attackman can look to exploit an unsettled situation.
16.  Have a plan with the ball.  If you do not plan on dodging, then move the ball to the next man.  Do not hold onto the ball for no reason.
17.  Always be in position to back up every pass or shot.  When a dodge is made, or a shot is taken, the whole team must play a part, moving into position to back up the pass, shot, or rebound.
18.  Never make a feed into the crease just because a person is cutting or calling for the ball. Make sure he is open or has a space from his defender.
19.  Never stand close enough together so that one defender can cover two men at the same time.  Stay spread out.
20.  When there is a loose ball, go hard after it.  Make it your mission to get that ball!!
21.  Always keep the field balanced and in the offensive set.  This will create more space to work in.
22.  Always have at least one man behind the net to back up the shot.  Remember that the closest person to the ball when it goes out of bounds on shots gets the ball.  We should never lose a possession on an out of bounds shot.
23.  If you lose the ball, ride hard, especially at attack.  It is your responsibility to get that ball back before it gets past the mid-line.